The design of lines of treatment to different processes (input water purification or, where appropriate, total or partial purifying of urban or industrial wastewaters) has been backed by the long experience from enterprise activity, allowing the gradual technological innovation that optimizes solutions, adapting in each case to the needs of our customers, depending on the degree of contamination of influent water and the requirements imposed on the quality of effluent water.

VITAQUA team is formed by a multidisciplinary group of technicians from different areas: Civil Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Agronomists, Economists, and professionals with a long experience in the field of water treatment.

VITAQUA has a permanent Engineering team of different specialists in each of its technical centers located in Spain.

Centro de producción VITAQUA Villacañas (Toledo)

Centro de producción VITAQUA St. Llorenç d’Hortons (Barcelona)



It is common to use different materials in the manufacture of water storage tanks (concrete, carbon steel and PRFG) for the installation of compact biological treatment plants in small and medium municipalities. Given the characteristics of each material, VITAQUA opted for quality from its inception, and in 1991 opened its first production center located in Sant Llorenc d’Hortons (Barcelona) where various precast reinforced concrete are manufactured.

Following the criteria established in the Code on Structural Concrete (Spanish abbreviation – EHE), the concrete used in the manufacture of our deposits is the HA-30 / S / 12 / IVQb type, demanded in water systems and sewage treatment facilities.

Its modular nature makes them adaptable to any variable circumstances very quickly and at minimum cost.

VIT prefabricated elements are produced by our company under own design, allowing us greater economy and agility in providing them.

The VIT deposits allow quick and economical assembly. Its ease of transport, execution, and quality control make them preferable in current construction compared to those made in conventional civil engineering.


The material is resistant to most of the products used in the industry. Its chemical resistance is in accordance with the Normative 16929. It can be arranged in heights above four meters.

  • High specific surface area model: 240 m² / m³
  • Medium specific surface area model: 127 m² / m³

The high specific surface area of the plastic filler Biofilt®, as well as its design, guarantee high performance avoiding filler blockages, achieving a proper air circulation.

These are the main advantages of plastic filler Biofilt®, compared to its competition:

1 Long durability. Even subjected to industrial wastewater with high levels of organic contents, plastic filler Biofilt® is very resistant against the waste of filling capacity, being able to maximize its long durability and its performance at the same time.

2 Minimizing the space required. Thanks to its condition of ordered filler and its block design, the percentage of empty holes in the reactors is minimized. Furthermore, as one of plastic fillers with higher specific surface area, the volume required is reduced.

3 Self-supporting. Being self-supporting avoids side loads on the tank’s structure, reducing the price of its construction and ensuring its durability and resistance.

4 Easy cleaning. Thanks to its design, the filler allows simple cleaning, increasing the hydraulic load at the entrance.

5 Continued high performance. Thanks to the design of the plastic filler Biofilt®, no formation of alternative routes in the water flow can be guaranteed, which allows to maximize the performance in the process at all times.


  • Biological processes in waste water treatment by trickling filters.
  • Gas treatment processes in stripping columns, deodorization and aerosols separators.
  • Physico-chemical water treatment processes in removing of volatile and separation of floating.


The solutions provided by VITAQUA stand out for their variety. It is noteworthy the extensive range of treatment lines that the company can design, manufacture and install. The study of characterization and treatability of water allows the technical team of the company to select and design the process and the most appropriate technology.

The productive capacity of the company with manufacturing facilities in Sant Llorenc d’Hortons (Barcelona) and Villacañas (Toledo) ensures the customer high quality materials, while reducing costs and delivery times.


As a key element in any water treatment facility, the automation and control unit are part of the design and production of the company. In order to maximize control of plants and minimize maintenance costs VITAQUA offers different solutions in control systems and remote control, depending on the requirements placed by each customer.
This allows to obtain continuous information about the operating status of the plant, without relying on data points taken in the visits of our technicians.

Moreover, it is possible to interact remotely with the automation system and resolve specific incidents. The quick response enables proactive management of facilities, avoiding prolonged risk situations that can lead to serious problems for the customer in the short and medium term.


VITAQUA has the Certificate of Group K, Subgroup 08, and Category E as Enterprise Contractor of the State for the construction of water treatment plants. This certificate is renewed every two years and is issued by the Ministry of Economy and Finance through the Advisory Board of Administrative Contracting. This allows VITAQUA to tender in any auction of public works at the state level related to the treatment and water purification.

The K 08 E Certificate serves as the documentary evidence of the economic and financial solvency as well as the technical and professional solvency of the Company.


VITAQUA has the Certificate of Group O, Subgroup 04, and Category C as Enterprise Contractor of the State for carrying out the service OF maintenance and operation of water treatment plants.

On the other hand, VITAQUA which is highly specialized in the industrial sector, develops both preventive and corrective maintenance, as well as training of personnel for the operation of the plants. Similarly, it advises the property at all times for the correct operation of water treatment facilities.

VITAQUA is able to provide its customers with a package of integrated solutions incorporating an experience of over 30 years in the field of water treatment and purification.